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Dallas Area Mobile Motorcycle Detailing Service

One of the best things about being a motorcycle owner in the Dallas/DFW area is that you can pretty much ride your bike all year round. Considering the average cost of a new motorcycle is between $10,000-$20,000 and the additional average expenses of safety gear, maintenance and repairs, insurance, license/permit, and gas is $3,300 a year, being able to ride all year around is getting your best return on investment. Further, it doesn’t matter if you own a Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha, or other brand of motorcycle, die-hard motorcyclists and beginning riders know they need to keep their bikes clean. Take care of your investment with regular motorcycle steam cleaning and protection services from EcoSmart Detailing.

What makes EcoSmart motorcycle detailing unique is steam cleaning with minimal water usage. Plus, we are a mobile detailing service that comes to you at home or work. We even have mobile detailing deals for tenants with building owners of luxury apartment complexes and office complexes. Wherever your bike is in the Dallas/DFW area, we will eliminate the dirt and grime build-up and other corrosive issues that naturally accumulate when you ride on the open road or city street.

Dirt Removal with Steam

For motorcycle detailing, we start with dirt and impurity removal with steam. It sounds basic until you understand we use a Lamborghini-powered washer that is water-efficient, dries quickly and can get into every indent and crevice on your bike, wheels and spokes. It is what makes us unique in the vehicle detailing world and is the most effective method for cleaning and sanitizing motorcycles.

Polymer Soap/Hand Wash

The hand wash element we add to motorcycle detailing is not because the first round of steam cleaning was not effective. It is because we use a polymer soap to create extra shine and the smaller parts of a motorcycle make it easier to do by hand.

Steam Rinse/Air Dry

Water particles in steam are small which means the high temperature of steam allows water to dry quickly. Steam use is equally important for us in rinsing your bike as in washing it. Considering the power and pressure used in steam cleaning, it is amazingly gentle and will not scratch or damage surfaces. We follow this fast-drying steam rinse with air pressure drying for thoroughness and to save time.

Chrome Polish/Rust Removal

Surface oxidation feeds rust, even on chrome that is naturally strong and tarnish-proof. A scratch or unchecked blemish on chrome can lead to rust. Although fantastic for its blazing shine and the way it makes a motorcycle look great, chrome can also become dingy. EcoSmart Detailing chrome polishing not only protects your chrome, it makes it shine with a mirror quality finish. Polishing will remove surface oxidation, stains and water spots plus buff out small scratches and blemishes. For rust removal we use quality products and take the time to completely remove the rust, balance out the surface area and then use a corrosion protectant to better preserve and protect your bike.

Other Bike Cleaning and Protection Details

Motorcycle detailing with EcoSmart Detailing means you have choices. We can apply a ceramic protective coating on all paint surfaces, do vinyl and fender cleaning and protection, and have all black parts cleaned and dressed.

Our Bike Detailing and Cleaning Service Packages

Our motorcycle detailing service includes our most popular package – Emerald Full Detail with detailed hand wash using Lamborghini powered steamer, clay treatment on paint, all chrome parts polished, wheels cleaned and detailed dressed, paint correction with polishing on fenders, bags, and gas tank, drying all parts with air, and more.

We also offer a Platinum Half Detail package and Gold Mini Detail package. Our Platinum motorcycle detailing service package includes everything in our Emerald Full Detail package except the 2-step paint correction. Our Gold Half Detail package is a convenient and affordable option for many bike owners and includes the detailed hand wash using Lamborghini powered steamer, wax protection, drying all parts with air, and the cleaning and detailing of your motorcycle’s wheels.

Get Your Bike Detailing Done Fast

We know you would rather be riding your motorcycle then washing it, so let EcoSmart Detailing do it for you. To schedule our motorcycle detailing service for your bike in Plano, Dallas, or the DFW, Texas area, call us at 214.214.9972 or use our quick App.