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Fortador Ceramic Pro Coating

  • 2 Years of Protection
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Self-Cleaning & Hydrophobic Properties

The easiest way to get your car detailed and bacteria free

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Fortador Steamer Powered by Lamborghini

The heart of our system is Lamborghini powered Fortador Steam & Vacuum Cleaner. The most powerful and ECO friendly mobile steamer.

• Operating pressure: 16 bar
• Operating Temperature:275F
• Industrial Steam Vacuum power: 1150W
• Water consumption: 0.5 Gallon/car
• Chemical partner: Fortador Detailing products, ProTeam Repair System

Dallas Area Steam Car Detailing Services

EcoSmart Detailing is a mobile, eco-friendly, water saving and sanitizing car wash method. Normal car detailing is simply detailed automotive cleaning, but with EcoSmart Detailing getting your car detailed is so much more.

Luxury Exterior Car Detailing

Unlike other car detailers, our expert team at EcoSmart Detailing steam clean the exterior of the car, eliminating water waste while safely removing dirt, contaminates, and debris. A steam car washing loosens grime from bugs, sap, and tar without the use of harsh chemicals. Our exterior car detailing is the closest thing to the delicacy of a hand car washing while being much greater in effectiveness in total cleanliness and sanitization. Even wheel wells and other hard-to-reach places like door jams get thoroughly cleaned with our dry vapor steam cleaning. We use new-to-market Fortador vapor steamers, powered by Lamborghini, that only require a half gallon of water consumption per car. Although powerful, these steam cleaners are gentle on a car’s surface and produce an extra, restorative shine because we add a special polymer in the water.

Interior Car Detailing

For our interior car detailing services, all hidden places that are impossible to reach by a standard vacuum are blown with high pressure (16bar) dry steam. For carpet and other interior non-leather fabrics, hot steam and a specially formulated cleaning solution are injected within the fibers. Then, a powerful suction extracts deep-down dirt, allergens, the cleaning solution, and 95% of the moisture. Since we began using our special equipment, we found that bacteria levels inside the cabin and vent system dropped down more than 10 times. This helps people with allergies. Steam cleaning also eliminates viruses, dust mites and more, helping you to worry less about the air you breath in the relatively small space of your car.

We even steam clean car engines.

Auto Interior and Exterior Surface Protection

Protecting your car’s interior and exterior surfaces is as important as cleaning them. Using commercial grade products, Fortador Ceramic Coating for auto exterior and Fortador Interior Guard for auto interior, your vehicle is protected from everything such as liquid spills on car seats, UV rays on leather, contaminants in carpet, and scratches on paint. Protect your windows, headlights, wheels, leather, dashboard, car seats, carpet, and car paint with EcoSmart Detailing full services.

Our Steam Car Detailing and Cleaning Services

Our car detailing services include our most popular package – a Full Detail with deep steam, shampoo, and protection. In 4 hours or less, we can have your entire vehicle detailed and cleaned to perfection. This includes dry steam cleaning of exterior surfaces for an extreme shine, treating and steam cleaning your vehicle’s wheels, interior cleaning and sanitizing with steam, glass polishing, tar and grease removal, and much more!

We also offer Half Detail Exterior and Interior packages to accommodate your specific detailing preferences and needs. Become a regular customer and you may also want to take advantage of our hand car wash and wax service. Or, in less than 45 minutes, we can give your vehicle a Mini Detail exterior steam and wax treatment or a Mini Detail light steam and sanitizing service that includes interior vacuum, interior cleaning and sanitizing with steam, detailed hand car wash, extra vacuuming with crevice tool, wheels cleaned and tires shined, and more!

Mobile Car Detailing Done in Minutes

With EcoSmart Detailing and our exotic mobile car detailing services, getting your car detailed has never been better or easier. Are you in Dallas? Fort Worth? Plano? The general DFW area? Then contact our local mobile car detailing company. Our selection of convenient auto detailing services gets your vehicle deep cleaned, sanitized and protected quickly.

Our mobile car detailing service contracts with luxury living complexes and corporate complexes is growing. If you are a tenant and like the thought of having your car professionally and expertly detailed while at home or work as part of a tenant package, recommend us to your management group.

Our expert car detailers will provide the best service at an affordable cost. To schedule a mobile auto detailing service for your vehicle, call us today at 214.214.9972 or use our convenient App.