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The Effects of Steam Cleaning on COVID

Our eco-friendly, water saving methods of car steam detailing make EcoSmart Detailing unique. By investing in recently developed, extremely powerful steamer machines, we can wash and sanitize not only the interior of your car but the exterior, as well. Other car detailers limit their steam cleaning to seats and floor mats, using regular methods of cleaning a car’s exterior and wasting gallons of water. They may even use a regular tunnel car wash, that despite re-using water, still wastes 100s of gallons of water and have spinning brushes that can damage parts of your car like antennas, mirrors and after-market parts. By steam car washing the entire car, inside and out, EcoSmart Detailing conserves the most water while giving the highest level of hand-washing results, even on wheels and hard-to-reach areas.

Living in the age of COVID-19 and other viruses, customers appreciate our use of steam cleaning on the entire car as steam penetrates the pores of materials being cleaned and instantly kills viruses. Frequent EcoSmart Detailing helps our Texas allergy sufferers, too, as steam cleaning eliminates dust mites, molds, fungi, fleas and eggs, plus greatly reduces bacteria. In one easy operation, our steam cleaning sanitizes, deep cleans and deodorizes your automobile.

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Mobile Car Detailing: Our Steam Cleaning Team Comes to You

For our team of steam cleaning auto detailing experts, cars are their babies. Maybe your regular or exotic car is yours, as well. If you live in the DFW area, we will come to your home or work. Fully equipped for mobile operation, we operate without need of external power or water sources. Many multi-tenant management companies have us come to apartment or office complexes as a value-add service to lease holders. The ease of having your car detailed while you work or invest your time on something else has never been more convenient.

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To set up auto detailing services for your vehicle in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, or the greater DFW, Texas area, call us right now at 214.214.9972 or use our fast scheduling App.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Jordan S.

Verified Review from Yelp

The fellas at Total Steam KILL the mobile detailing game. They do my ’17 Porsche 911 S and my ’17 Lexus RX. Every time I come down to see the job my 911 looks like a piece of candy. Wheels, paint and interior look better than when I drove off the lot. HIRE THESE GUYS

Jean C.

Verified Review from Google
Excellent atmosphere & consistently great customer service. Cleaning is perfect & they’re always helpful with extra requests. For months I had trouble removing a sticker from my car; they happily removed it perfectly in seconds. Service with a smile that’s hard to find

Andrew R.

Verified Review from Yelp

I am a very picky and detailed person who usually likes to clean my cars myself. But after reading some of the reviews I decided to try Total Steam and used their app to schedule an appointment. It was very simple and you choose the service you want and time. I was lucky they were available and came right away. The service was beyond my expectations as I am very picky! I can say I was very well satisfied with their excellent work!

The easiest way to get your car detailed and bacteria free

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Auto Surface Protection: Fortador Ceramic Coating

For protecting an automobile’s exterior surface, we use Fortador Ceramic Coating, a ceramic, hard wearing, clear coat that delivers exceptional resistance to scratching (9H) and provides superb protection against chemical etching caused by various impacts from the surrounding environment. When applied, the coating pre-polymer cross-links and develops a seamless protective film onto any painted surface acting in a similar manner to a single component isocyanate that develops into a clearcoat finish. In comparison to other car coatings, Fortador ceramic coating is excellent for greater scratch and mar resistance, chemical resistance, and release properties. This coating delivers excellent protection for all factory paints used in modern applications and can also protect hard plastic and metal surfaces. For more information or to learn how we apply Fortador coating for best results, talk to one of auto detail professionals.



Auto Interior Protection: Fortador Interior Guard

Fortador Interior Guard is a hydrophobic coating that protects an automobile’s interior fabric and leather seats, plastic and vinyl surfaces, and carpets. Used on closed loop textiles like seat fabric, it will repel liquid. Because liquids roll off, the material is not penetrated, and stains are prevented. When put on an open textile structure like a plush carpet, it stops the penetration of the fibers and prevents the material from becoming permanently stained. Fortador Interior Guard also possesses concentrated UV absorbers to protect dashboards and leather seats from cracking and aging prematurely from UV light. It also prevents other damage such as staining of leather seats and color transfer.


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Why Steam Cleaning Works

For over 150 years, steam cleaning has been used to remove oil and grease from machinery. In the 1960s, Italian boiler manufacturers started using highly pressurized, low moisture steam to dissolve and extract residue. Liking how steam did not damage surfaces or materials, other industrial businesses globally started using steam for its efficient cleaning and sterilizing power.

Water heated to a high temperature becomes a fine, dry mist made up of small steam particles and even smaller vapor particles. In a vapor steam cleaner, released vapor is only about 5 to 6% H2O so surfaces dry quickly which is why this method of cleaning is known as “dry” vapor steam cleaning. Steam softens dirt, oil, grease or other substances on surfaces while pressure releases them, making cleaning and sanitization easier.

For thoroughness and safe results, EcoSmart Detailing uses steam cleaning as our preferred ecological cleaning method on the interior and exterior of every automobile we detail.